Location in Education

Location in Education is an educational program for middle and high schools students. The Location in Education program consists of 10-15 GPS units (valued at $100 each), "The World in a Box" video, geo caching book, extra batteries, and a set of operating instructions along with instructions on how to erase any information you input.

The kit may be used for up to one month dependent upon a waiting list. The only expense you will incur will be the freight charge. Teachers who are interested in the program are encouraged to contact GITA Administration at: [email protected] 

Check out the following websites for additional information:

We look forward to adding more information on other's experiences with GITA's Location in Education Program as it becomes available. Here's one story from the Spencer County Public Library:

Thank you to everyone that worked getting the Spencer County Public Library on the map. We received the box of GPS and the next day the lady that was going to help me with the program (she goes geocaching all the time, I knew nothing about how it worked) left on medical leave. I was afraid that we wouldn't be able to do the program. After reading the instructions and playing with the devices a little it was easy. We were going to have the caches all around town but with Lisa out I just hid them behind the Library. It worked wonderfully! Kids could check the GPS out while their parents were on the computers and they loved it. Two boys needed to get a GPS badge for Boys Scouts and they were able to do that with this program. A group of teens wanted to "Hang Out" in our lobby but having this program available I was able to get them interested in doing something. The geo caching kept them busy and out of trouble for a while.

Thank you for letting us use the GPS, I hope that this is a program that other people could use also.

Stacy Tiller, Spencer County Public Library