Join Our Community, Now In Its 40th Year

Think you know GITA? Think again.

For decades, we have been the nonprofit product technology showcase of the GIS industry. Unbiased. World-class. You packed our conferences. You flooded our exhibit halls.

Times change, and so do nonprofits like ours. GITA today has found a thriving new home in our new members-only Nexus community. Nexus is online, every day,  year-round.  

GITA today also is guided by a framework to ensure the implementation of the following pillars:

  • Scholarship: Raise money to attract and train future GIS professionals with diverse backgrounds, talents, and experiences.
  • Education: Create high-quality learning programs and experiences for GIS professionals centered on the industry's latest technological advances.
  • Recognition: Honor those GIS professionals who are our industry's best and brightest, and showcase their achievements.
  • Mentorship: Empower professionals in the GIS industry to advocate for themselves to achieve excellence.

In other words, today's GITA has community, purpose, history, and relevancy. All we need is — you.

Join us and join the conversation!