Free GITA Webinar On Slimgim GIS Performance Management Framework Is Dec. 13

Posted: Dec. 5, 2018

GITA offers a free webinar at 2 p.m. EST, Thursday, Dec. 13, 2018, featuring Paul Giroux speaking on his practical geographic information management framework, Slimgim.

Paul started his career at innovation centers in the mid 90’s where he relished the opportunity to push boundaries with web & geospatial data & technology. He spent most of his career in web & enterprise GIS development, architecture & administration both in IT & leading a transformation team in Public Works. Like many of you, he was struggling to create a sense of urgency & awareness with leadership about the exponential growth of technology, the true value of data & the importance of enterprise & growth mindsets. He felt that if he could measure the organizational impact of leadership & culture on process & data then he could strategically work on ways of improving it. He shares this work as Slimgim & enjoys sharing his journey including at the GIS Manager’s Summit (UC 2018). Recently, Paul made his way back to his roots as an Innovation Officer at GSU's The Workshop where he is fortunate enough to make creative use of enterprise location data & technology for the majority of his projects.

Abstract: Enterprise GIS maturity is hard & isn’t getting easier. Although several maturity models exist, not everyone has learned how to leverage the insight the models provide. Measuring maturity is the easy part – doing something productive with it is the challenge. While studying to complete his Masters, Paul Giroux developed a practical geographic information management framework named Slimgim. The maturity model & framework shared Creative Commons in 2014 have evolved into a ‘mass maturity’ movement. Paul will join us to talk about how others are putting the framework into practice. He will introduce you to Slimgim & his practical approach to developing rapid just-in-time strategy & enterprise roadmaps.