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Sub-Account Registration Instructions

Find here the steps whereby you may register your employees or students with the accounts included as part of your organization’s membership.

How the Affiliate Master Account Works

Registering as a Standard, Premium or Educational Affiliate with GITA requires a person to include their name and to act as the contact person for that account. This person holds the master account for their organization. If the person your organization wishes to select as the contact person already has a GITA account, they will still retain their original, individual member account, but will also have their name associated as the contact person for your organization's master account. It is possible to include the contact person's individual account as a sub-account of their organization, or you may choose not to do this.

Please note: Individuals who hold their organization's master account and who also wish to continue participating as an individual GITA member must make sure to log in separately to either account depending on the action in question. For instance, if your contact person wishes to attend a conference and record their participation for GISP credit, they must do so under their individual account, and not the master account of the organization. Though the two accounts will look similar, they are entirely different entities.

If you wish to transfer possession of the master account from one contact person to another, it is as simple as logging in on the master account, navigating on the right side under My Profile to 'Manage Profile', clicking the 'Edit Bio' on the resulting page, and changing the email address and full name fields therein. If you wish, you may also change the username and password for this account.


Including Existing GITA Members

If you are an employee or student and wish to know if your organization has an account with GITA, please review our Affiliates page where all GITA Educational, Standard and Premium affiliates are listed. Please then search our Member Directory to find your organization's account administrator. When information about your organization is found by the search engine, click on the yellow highlighted name to determine the owner of the master account. Contact the owner and he or she will forward you a link with which you can use to link your account to the organization account.

Including New Members

If you are the master account for your organization, there are three ways to register an employee or student of your organization as a sub-account. Bear in mind, they will enjoy the same privileges and access to the GITA website afforded all other individual members – only for free, thanks to your organization’s support. If any employees or students are already GITA members, they may be attached to your account by following Step 4 below.

Please log in to the organization account by navigating to, and entering the organization/master account username and password. Once you are logged in, please navigate to ‘Manage Profile’, on the right-hand panel labeled ‘My Profile’. Under the heading ‘Information & Settings’, please click the link entitled ‘Sub-accounts’.

  1. Manual Registration

    The first method is to manually register the employees or students who will be given accounts. On the ‘My Sub-accounts’ page, click the link ‘Create Sub-accounts’. This will navigate you to a page labeled ‘Get Connected!’ Here, simply follow the prompts for the required registration information, exactly as was done when the organization account was registered. Once you have submitted their registration information, that individual will receive an email providing them with account activation instructions, and they may proceed from those instructions.

  2. Send a Registration Link

    You may attach this in an email, send it over a chat, or post it to a forum. It will direct the individual to the same registration screen you would see in Step 1, only they will enter their own information and take you off the hook for that task. This link is valid for 30 days, but if that time has passed before they register, you may generate a new one.

  3. Send a Registration Email

    Simply type in the email address(es) of whomever you want to invite, and an email from the GITA webmaster will be sent inviting the recipient to register. The link in these emails are valid for 30 days, much like in Step 2.

  4. Existing GITA Members

    For existing GITA members, they must be sent a registration link or a registration email. They will be asked to sign in to their accounts, and asked to confirm that they are joining your organization’s account. While a member through your organization, they will not need to pay dues. Their current dues will be frozen, and if they leave your organization’s account, they will resume GITA membership with the amount of time remaining as they had when they joined.

Please note: Manual registration will create a duplicate account if a member already exists. Please ensure that the individual for whom you are creating account is not registered as a member of GITA. To do so, please search for them in our Member Directory.

If you encounter any difficulties while you or your employees are registering, please contact for technical assistance. For membership, billing or account questions, please contact

Once again, thank you for your support of GITA!


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