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North America

GITA's North America operations are conducted within six regions (see also "Events"). In some cases, local chapters may exist within those regions. The below map shows GITA's North American regions. Local chapters in Canada and the United States are assigned to regions based on their location. 


Northwest Region North Central Region Northeast Region
Southwest Region South Central Region Southeast Region




  • Approximate size of each chapter can be viewed by clinking this link.  Number shown for any chapter is the number of registered members who have belonged to that specific chapter since 2012.
  • Members can access detailed contact information for members of a specific chapter by signing in to their account and then clicking the appropriate link above.
  • For partner organizations outside North America, please see Global Partners
  • In addition to the collaborative nature of these private chapter sites, some chapters also maintain a public website which can be accessed by clicking the associated "Public site" link. 
  • A free external website capability is available from GITA North America for any chapter that is willing to use a standard format. Go here to view the template for an example chapter.
  • If you are interested in starting a GITA Chapter, send an email to



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