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Upload Center

This site is intended for use by individuals who have been given approval by the GITA President or Education Committee Chair to upload presentations, documents, or videos into the GITA Learning Center (LC). With exception of Instructions for Uploading a File to the GITA Learning Center, all links below are password protected. An individual who has been authorized to upload files (Contributor) will receive an email with the required access information from a member of the GITA Staff or GITA Education Committee (LC Administrator) who has been assigned to assist the Contributor.

Once an individual has been granted authority to submit files to the LC, there are four steps for making uploaded files available for viewing in the LC. 

Step One - Entering Metadata

Step Two - Metadata Review

  • The LC Administrator will review the metadata entries for appropriateness and accuracy, and coordinate upload approval with the Education Committee Chair. 


Step Three - File Upload

  • After a file's metadata has been reviewed and approved, the LC Administrator will send an email indicating authority to upload has been granted.  The email will provide instructions for passing the file to the LC Administrator, or provide appropriate system log-in information if the Contributor will be allowed to upload the file directly into one of the following LC storage locations:

 - Videos: GITA YouTube Channel

 - PPTs of all sizes: GITA OneDrive

 - PDFs or DOCs 30Mb or greater in size: GITA OneDrive

 - PDFs or DOCs less than 30Mb in size: Yourmembership - File Library

  • After a file has been uploaded to You Tube or One Drive, the file's URL information will be added to the Upload Master Checklist by the individual who performed the upload,
  • The individual uploading a file will also build the searchable LC record for the item added, and
  • If a Contributor uploaded the file, the Contributor will send an email to the LC Administrator indicating the upload is complete.

Step Four - File Review and Publication

  • The LC Administrator will do a final review of the file and publish it if all is in order.



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