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Points Toward GISP


Membership in GITA helps you track and attain "GIS Professional" (GISP) Certification through the GIS Certification Institute.

Points are earned through:

  • Years of Membership in a professional organization
  • Active participation on Committees or Boards
  • Attending Conferences
  • Presenting papers
  • Attending other educational events such as Webinars

GITA members can sign in and track these and other activities here in a "Professional Development Journal".

Activities done through this web site can be logged automatically.

For example:

  • Membership - GITA will automatically enter credits when you renew.
  • Committee, Board, or Leadership positions - GITA will add these to your record when we update the web site with your information.
  • Events - RSVP for an Event, and then "Check In" when you attend. Credits will be logged in your Journal when you check in.
  • Learning Center offerings - For those offerings that have GISP Credit values, complete a brief non-scored "quiz" to enter the credits automatically.

Members can enter Journal records for other activities directly into the Journal by signing in and going to Member Profile - Professional Development.

There are 3 types of GISP Credits. The links below provide more explanation of each, and a list of GITA-based resources.

  1. Education - includes:
    • Credentials (degrees)
    • Courses
    • Conferences Attended
  2. Experience - includes:
    • Job Analysis
    • Years Worked
  3. Contributions - includes:
    • Publications
    • Professional Association Involvement
    • Conference Participation (Leadership)
    • Workshop Instruction
    • Conference Presentations
    • Awards
    • Volunteer Efforts




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