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2016 EnerGIS Online Videos

The EnerGIS conference is an energy-focused Geographic Information systems conference that brings together GIS professionals and spatial data managers from diverse market vertical to discuss innovation and technological advancement.

EnerGIS operates under the auspices of the GITA Mid-Atlantic Chapter. GITA is the educational sponsor of all EnerGIS events and functions.

The fourth EnerGIS conference, held May 16-17, 2016 featured a variety of presentations on GIS-related endeavors and subjects of interest primarily to the energy sector.


2016 EnerGIS Videos

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EnerGIS 2016 is an energy-focused Geographic Information Systems conference that brings together GIS professionals and spatial data managers from diverse market verticals to discuss innovation and technological advancement.
Item Name Posted By Date Posted
A Picture Says a Thousand Words! Link  more ] Administration 8/18/2016
Advantages of UAS in Project Mapping-As Built Well Link  more ] Administration 8/18/2016
Extracting Hydro Data from Multiple LiDAR Series Link  more ] Administration 8/18/2016
Keynote Day 1 - Pennsylvania Coal Alliance Link  more ] Administration 8/18/2016
Keynote Day 2 - UAS for GIS Link  more ] Administration 8/18/2016
GeoCortex Vendor Showcase Link  more ] Administration 8/18/2016
Improving Efficiency Using ESRI's Collector App Link  more ] Administration 8/18/2016
Mapping of Historic and Abandoned Oil & Gas Wells Link  more ] Administration 8/18/2016
Mobile App Above Ground Storage Tank Inspections Link  more ] Administration 8/18/2016
New Tech to Build, Maintain & Classify HCA's Link  more ] Administration 8/18/2016
Pipeline Corridors - Leveraging Aerial LiDAR Link  more ] Administration 8/18/2016
Pipelines & Spatial Ed. Using Oblique Air Photos Link  more ] Administration 8/18/2016
Principles Remote Sensing & Mapping using Drones Link  more ] Administration 8/18/2016
Programming SQL Trigger Based Replication Link  more ] Administration 8/18/2016
Supporting Williams Pipeline Op & Maint. GeoMobile Link  more ] Administration 8/18/2016
Refining As-Built Process and Documentation at CPG Link  more ] Administration 8/18/2016
UAV/UAS Professional Panel Discussion Link  more ] Administration 8/18/2016
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