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FAQs - General
The following questions address the specifics and capabilities for work management and coordination available to GITA members, the leadership of GITA, its chapters and interest groups.

GITA continues to advance its capabilities in service to its members. If there are areas of GITA's organizational capabilities about which you have questions, please contact

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Membership registration Professional information
and history
Membership data Contact information
Calendaring capabilities Email and communications
File storage and transfer Collaboration and conferencing
Blogging Group and event webpages
Event registration and management Operational tracking
Learning Center
and Store
GITA's Two Management Systems

GITA operates using two organizational management systems. The first is a software-as-service provided by, and handles GITA's membership and event records, payment processing, and website construction and hosting. This is what generates, the public front-end of the organization, as well as the back-end, which is used administratively.


The second is a Google website constructed for metadata storage and to improve the operational efficacy of GITA's administrative staff and the leadership of the organization. This is GITANet, and is only used administratively.

Q: What capabilities does GITA have for processing membership registrations?


GITA handles member registration and renewals through As an organization, GITA offers memberships to individual professionals and to students on an independent basis. Organizations and educational institutions may also join GITA, and are granted complimentary memberships to certain numbers of their employees, among other benefits.

When a member joins GITA, their dues are processed through a secure server, hosted by BluePay, a commerce partner of The system automatically tracks the payment, and generates an invoice which is emailed upon completion of the transaction. The system also facilitates membership dues coupons and reduced pricing for select members.

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Q: What professional information can be hosted and tracked by GITA?


Through the system, GITA tracks member participation in events and activities which contribute to professional development - for instance, attaining GISP certification - available as a printable transcript. GITA also allows members to post their resumes and curricula vitae for other members to peruse.

GITA's records for member participation history extends back decades, and we strive to provide as comprehensive a record to our members as possible. However, not all a GITA member does is affiliated with the organization; nonetheless, members may upload to and edit their transcripts to keep track of the full picture of their professional development.

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Q: What data is available through GITA about its membership?


GITA Members have access to the directories of member and organization profiles, interest group and chapter listings, and the documents and presentations stored in GITA's Learning Center. Members may also peruse the profiles of other members, which includes contact information, professional development history and event participation, and personal content uploaded to GITA's website, such as blogs and photos.

Individuals in leadership roles at GITA, such as chapter presidents and members of the board of directors, have access to a broad range of information pertinent to the groups within GITA to which they belong. They may search for and sort through contact information, registration history, group involvement and membership status, among other data.

GITA's administrative staff are able to query the database in robust and comprehensive ways, and are able to provide GITA's leadership with a variety of analyses. For instance, if one wished to know which GITA members in the western United States had renewed in the last month, and have expressed interest in emergency response, we can find that out. GITA's database queries and analyses are available for export as .csv files, usable in spreadsheet software such as Microsoft Excel.

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Q: How may GITA members and leadership contact other members, and where is this information available?


Individual members may contact other members using's internal messaging system, which alerts the recipient's email on record that a message is awaiting them within the messaging system. Additionally, members may view other member's contact information, visible on their profiles, and make contact directly through work or personal email.

GITA leadership and GITA administrative staff may email select portions of the membership en masse, either by filtering a query of the membership through our database, or by using GITA's list of contacts kept in GITANet, hosted by Google.

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Q: What abilities do GITA members and leadership have for personal calendar management, and for calendaring events and meetings?


GITA members who have been granted access to GITANet may use Google's calendaring capabilities - such as setting alerts, classifications and multiple calendar tracking - synchronized with those of other members and staff in GITANet. Additionally, calendars may be kept through both the GITANet and systems for groups to manage events. GITA's administration keeps an up-to-date calendar of all events, meeting and webinars that are sponsored by GITA.

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Q: What capabilities do GITA members and leadership have for emailing?


GITA members and leadership who have been granted access to GITANet may use Google's Gmail functions to email members and other contacts within GITA's directories. While allows members to message one another through its internal message system, to contact outside persons and organizations, GITA recommends using ones work or personal email.

GITA's administrative staff and chapter and group leadership may contact members through emails en masse through, GITANet and/or Constant Contact.

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Q: How are files able to be kept and transferred within GITA?


Individual members may upload files to a personal file library or photo album, visible to other members or for private consultation, within their member profiles. Chapter and group leadership may also store files in's Resource Manager, for use in constructing webpages and events particular to their groups. GITA's administrative staff has access to the Resource Manager for the purpose of website management and construction.

GITA supplements its file hosting in with a Microsoft OneDrive, a YouTube channel, and file storage through Google Drive as part of GITANet. GITA leadership may use Google Drive's collaboration capabilities for document editing, storage and transfer. GITA also uses WebDAV file storage and transfer through the Cyberduck software system.

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Q: How can GITA members collaborate on documents or other projects?


GITA leadership have access to Google's collaborative systems through GITANet, such as shared-screen video conferencing, document sharing and editing, and website management and construction. For large groups, collaboration may be conducted through GITA's WebEx account, which is also used to host GITA's webinar series.

GITA is also able to host wiki-enabled pages through the system, allowing members to edit and make changes to such webpages.

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Q: What ability do GITA members have to create and manage blogs?


GITA members may author and edit blogs that are linked to their member profile. These blogs are RSS Feed compatible.

The President of GITA, as well as representatives to GITA from different related organizations - GISCI, NGAC, NSGIC - all have blogs which are part of GITA's website. A similar setup could be constructed through GITANet, if there were a need.

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Q: What function can GITA provide to chapters and interest groups for building and maintaining their own webpages?


The system allows chapter and group leaders to edit a content block related to an event or a group which is bordered by the menu bars on the GITA website.

GITANet provides for complete customizability of webpages as part of Google Sites, and when taken together with the association management capabilities provided through, a robust webpage can be delivered for any group, event or subject.

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Q: How does GITA handle event management, registration, and ticketing?


GITA's system through comes with an integrated event management system. Events are tracked on the website's calendar, registrant information is tracked and added to member professional development histories, payments are processed through the same BluePay system used for dues processing, and event managers have access to all of GITA's tools for webpage creation and editing, and email capabilities, for promoting events.

Both GITA members and non-members from outside the organization may register for events. Ticketing prices can be modified based on membership type or based on coupons (for instance, offering students discounts or early-bird discounts). Name badges can be generated for event registrants, and the system automatically generates invoices for registration payments, as well as a thank-you email to participants.

Event organizers may use the suite of tools available through Google in GITANet for developing events, contacting participants, and tracking such things as speaker availability, volunteer interest, and other related notes.

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Q: How does GITA's administrative staff track information related to operations and occurrences?


GITA's administrative staff manages GITA's website and membership information on the back-end of the system. New content to the Learning Center, events, news items, and useful information is all kept up to date in this fashion, which is available to the front-end members through the website. The GITA administrative staff also assists the board of directors and the leadership of GITA's groups and chapters through generating reports and analyses based on the information held within the system database, on such subjects as finances, event participation, membership interests and history. GITA's administrative staff also communicates to the technical support staff of, who assist with major technical issues and address concerns and questions.

To better organize the working of GITA from a metadata point of view, GITANet was constructed to facilitate communication and workflow tracking with regards to GITA's operations and management. This system exists in tandem with the association and content management that occurs through the system. GITANet is used to keep track of outstanding work orders within the organization, record information such as contact history to outside groups and interested parties, and to keep track of the instutitional knowledge of GITA's administrative staff. It is also a resource for the board of directors and group and chapter leaders to manage the affairs of the organization, and to conduct business in private.

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Q: What are the capabilities of GITA's Learning Center, and Store?


The Learning Center is a custom-built repository of knowledge, available for free to any member of the public. As GITA expands its resource-base, so too will the Learning Center expand. GITA administrative staff work with the board of directors and with outside parties to keep this information up to date and well-organized for ease of research.

The GITA Store, which will be an upcoming addition to the website, will feature products and services from our Premium Affiliates at discounted rates for GITA members. Stay tuned for future developments.
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