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Account Registration Instructions


Find below expanded step-by-step information supporting the GITA registration process for both individuals and organizations.  These instructions assume the user has already reviewed the information found in the preliminary pages of the registration process which starts by clicking the "Join/Renew Now!" menu item found under the left side bar item "Become a Member:

With review of the above items complete, the following information supports the actual GITA registration process steps which begin at this webpage.



Step One: Based on review of available membership types, select the radio button which is appropriate to your choice. Once you have selected a membership type, press "Continue".


Step Two: On the Get Connected page you will be asked to create a username for your account. There are no restrictions on character usage, although you are limited to 100 characters.

Please also supply your first and last name, and select a regional chapter to which you wish to be associated. If there is not a convenient or associated geographic region, please select either the "General North America" or "World Chapter" options. This selection is designed to better affiliate you with other industry professionals and organizations in your area, and you may change your selection at any time once you have registered.

Press "Continue" once you have made your choice.


Step Three: On the Confirm Membership Selection page, you will see a preview of your member type, its associated cost, and a short description of that type to confirm you are selecting the appropriate option. You may either press "Start Over" if you wish to change any of the options previously selected, or press "Accept this Membership and Continue".

Note: Payment will not be charged to you until the Membership Dues page further on in the registration process.


Step Four: On the Member Information page, please fill out the fields in the form with the appropriate information. Only the fields with a red asterisk next to them require entry.

Although information about your professional experiences is not required, it is strongly recommended that these items be completed in order to maximize the value of your membership by facilitating connection and collaboration with GITA members of similar backgrounds. All fields may be changed after registration. Information about how to manage your profile information and user experience is available on the Using This Website page located under "Membership Services" on the left side bar.


Step Five: On the Membership Dues page, you may review your membership type once again, enter any promotional codes for a registration discount you may have received, select any groups to which you wish to belong (also editable after registration), and review your account information. Under the Billing Information field, please enter the information which pertains to the individual or organization processing payment for your membership, whether it is you, your employer, or a third party. As needed, additional comments may be entered in the section by that name for review by GITA staff. 

Under the Payment Options section, please select a payment type. They are:

  • Bill Me (Admin-only)

    Please only select this option if you have been instructed to do so by a GITA staff member assisting your registration process.

  • Check/Money Order

    Select this option to pay for your registration by check or money order. You will receive an email with your invoice, contained within will be the address of GITA's offices to which to remit payment.

  • PayPal

    Select this option to pay through a PayPal account. Click the "Check out with PayPal" button to continue. Payment is transferred automatically upon completing registration.

  • ACH/E-Check

    Select this option to pay by ACH or an E-Check. Please fill out the fields which appear when this option is toggled, and press "Submit Securely" to proceed. Payment is transferred automatically upon completing registration.
  • Credit Card

    Select this option to pay by credit card. Please fill out the fields which appear when this option is toggled, and press "Submit Securely" to proceed. Payment is transferred automatically upon completing registration.

Note: ACH/E-Check and Credit Card payments are processed through BluePay, the preferred credit card processing service of GITA's web host, For further information on either service, please visit and


Step Six: Once you have completed your payment processing on the Membership Dues page, you will be brought to our Thank You! page, where you may view your invoice/receipt. This information is also emailed to you with the subject line "Geospatial Information and Technology Association - Your Registration Has Been Processed - Awaiting Payment". It is also viewable at any time through your member account.


Step Seven: You will also receive an email with the subject line "Geospatial Information and Technology Association - Account activation instructions", which contains a link confirming your registration process. All you need to do for this step is to click the link, and you will be brought to our Member Sign In page, with a pop up note thanking you for activating your account.

Note: Your account will remain inactive until verification of payment has been received by GITA staff and this link has been clicked. For payments by PayPal or Credit Card, please allow up to 48-hours for GITA staff to activate your account.  For Bill Me, Check, and ACH/E-Check payments, local processing and mail transit times must be added to the total time needed to activate an account.  If you have paid by electronic means and encounter difficulties activating your account after 48-hours, please contact GITA Membership.


Step Eight: The final email which you will receive will bear the subject line "Geospatial Information and Technology Association - Your Registration Is Complete". It will also contain a link to your invoice, and inform you of your account's expiration date. Reminders to renew will be sent 28 days and 1 day prior to your expiration, and 7 days after your expiration.

Note: For your convenience, GITA does NOT have automatic renewal. This is to ensure our members are not charged without their explicit consent.


If you encounter any difficulties while you are registering, please contact for technical assistance. For membership, billing or account questions, please contact

Once again, thank you for your support of GITA!



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