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Upper Midwest GEOCON 2018 Call For Proposals

Thursday, December 21, 2017  
Upper Midwest Geospatial Conference 
Call For Presentations
and Workshops
A coalition of seven upper Midwest geospatial organizationshas come together to produce a unique learning experience which will provide mid-level, career-minded GIS personnel with the opportunity to broaden their community/regional connections and professional knowledge.  The Upper Midwest Geospatial Conference (UMGEOCON) will take place on May 23-24, 2018 at the University of Wisconsin - La Crosseand focus on emerging geospatial trends and technologies. As such, the event Program Committee is seeking cutting-edge presentations and workshops that explore the Geospatial Revolution.  Some potential topics include:
    • Cross border/regionally significant issues (e.g. invasive species control)
    • Indoor positioning systems
    • LiDAR developments
    • Spatial law
    • Open data polices
    • Drones/UASs/UAVs developments and issues
    • Building Information Modeling (BIM) systems
    • Automatic Vehicle Location systems
    • Emergency Services Sector issues (e.g. NG-9-1-1 and COP)
    • Smart Grid
    • 3D geospatial modeling
    • Open source software
    • Cloud services
    • Data sharing solutions
    • Systems integration
    • Professional certifications
This call for abstracts will remain open through January 19th, 2018, with announcement of selected abstracts made by February 5th.   
Don't miss it - This is going to be an event unlike any other!
This event is believed to be currently the only event in the nation where multiple state and regional associations have jointly produced a conference. Importantly, this level of organizational collaboration supports advancement of the NSDI, related objectives of DHS, EPA, FGDC, HIFLD, NGAC, NSF, NSGIC, USGS, and other national and regional geospatial programs.


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