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Last Chance to Become a GIS SUPERHERO

Wednesday, May 18, 2016  
Blasts Off Next Week!
Up, up, and away!  Which is exactly what the Upper Midwest Geospatial Conference (UMGEOCON) will do for your career like no other conference on the planet! That's because it's an absolutely supercharged, super-inspired, super-duper event that will clobber your brain with knowledge so profound it will transform you from a mere mortal into a GIS Superhero!!! 

Shazam! Here's just some of what you'll find at UMGEOCON:
  • Seven Wonders of the World pre-conference workshops, all available for free, even if you don't attend UMGEOCON! (Holy learning event, Batman!),
  • Breath-taking, awe inspiring breakouts that will ensure you leave empowered with all the secret knowledge you need. NG-911, mobile data, open source, certifications, AVL, data standards, LiDAR, enterprise integration, open data, cloud services, drones, and much more - all graciously explored in-depth, by mentors second to none,
  • An already epic vendor reception where aspiring GIS Superheros from across the known geospatial universe will morph into back-slapping, jaw-jacking friends for life - each ready to rescue the other at the speed of light, and  
  • The sidekick cherished by all who believe in Truth, Justice and the American Way, the 2016 National Geodetic Survey (NGS) annual conference will be marching lockstep with UMGEOCON.  Attend these UMGEOCON included presentations and you'll be seeing the geospatial future like x-ray vision through a paper wall.
True to superhero form, you won't find an event like this in some glitzy, glass-covered palace by the sea. Nope - it's tucked away in a quaint old Upper Midwest riverboat town that will leave no doubt where GIS Superheros are born. 

It's also a SUPER deal at only $185!

NEXT WEEK! Don't Miss It!

UMGEOCON - University of Wisconsin - La Crosse, WI, May 25-26!

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