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Transcript How-To Guide

Find here an explanation of the ‘Add Entry’ form for providing information for your GISP certification record.

Is this entry for a Certificate or Program?

Leave checked as ‘Yes’


Please select ‘GITA Service’

Credit Type:

For your records and ours, please select the field which is most appropriate. If there is no distinct match for the entry to a pre-existing field, please select ‘Other’.

  • Workshop Instruction: Leading a workshop focusing on geospatial, GIS or related industry subjects.
  • Conference Presentation: Delivering, authoring or co-authoring a paper at a geospatial, GIS or related industry conference, or serving on a panel.
  • Leadership Position: Serving on a committee, sub-committee, organizational board, or other coordinating body, such as service as a Director of the Board, or as a Conference Organizer.
  • GITA Membership: Credit awarded to dues-paying members of GITA over a one-year period.
  • Other: All other miscellaneous or associated activities for which you wish to record participation, and which are germane to the GISP Procedures Manual.

Entry Date:

Please enter the date the event occurred. For events with multiple dates, please select the date of the first instance of the event. When in doubt, round to the first day of the month in which the event took place.


Limit 175 Characters. Concisely describe the activity which you are recording. For instance, for an Oil & Gas Conference Presentation, you might use the nomenclature ‘O&G2013 Conf Pres’ and then the remainder of your presentation title.

Where possible, include the name of the event, the year in which it took place, and any other significant details.

Note: This transcript information is, at present, ultimately for note-keeping purposes, and so clerical errors can be corrected in your submission materials to the GISCI.


Please consult the GISP Procedures Manual for a listing of how to assign points to various activities. When in doubt, simply put a value of ‘1’, and correct the entry later.

Credits Expire:

Please enter the date as 01/01/2100. Although events which count toward GISP certification currently do not have expiration dates, this field has been made available in the event there are future changes in that standard.

Score (%):

Please omit any entry in this field. All data pertaining to value of activities, from the point of view of the GISP Certification, is recorded in ‘Credits’. This field will be used if entry of test scores is required at a later date. 

Activity Code:

Please omit any entry in this field. This is used for internal note-keeping by the administration.


If you wish, you may upload files which reflect a hard-copy of achievement or participation, such as a letter of accomplishment or attendance.

File size limit of 30Mb.

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