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2014 EnerGIS Online Videos

2014 EnerGIS Presentations available for viewing.

The EnerGIS conference is an energy-focused Geographic Information systems conference that brings together GIS professionals and spatial data managers from diverse market vertical to discuss innovation and technological advancement.

EnerGIS operates under the auspices of the GITA MidAtlantic Chapter. GITA is the educational sponsor of all EnerGIS events and functions.

The second EnerGIS conference, held September 15-16, 2014 featured a variety of presentations on GIS-related endeavors and subjects of interest to the energy sector, and featured both a keynote address by Quan Vu of Tableau Software, and a discussion on the intersection of industry and academia, presented by Alexandra Wasco and Tom Mueller of California University of Pennsylvania.

2014 EnerGIS Presentations

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EnerGIS 2014 is an energy-focused Geographic Information Systems conference that brings together GIS professionals and spatial data managers from diverse market verticals to discuss innovation and technological advancement.
Item Name Posted By Date Posted
Optimized Pad/Well Placement Workflow - Vish Link  more ] Administration 12/31/2014
Geological Survey GIS in West Virginia - Simental Link  more ] Administration 12/31/2014
Use of GIS for Brine Water Dust Control - Price Link  more ] Administration 12/31/2014
GIS in WV+ Geological Survey - Pool Link  more ] Administration 12/31/2014
Evolution of GIS Mobility at APA Group - Lund Link  more ] Administration 12/31/2014
Keynote Address - Vu Link  more ] Administration 12/31/2014
Introductory Address - Limbruner Link  more ] Administration 12/31/2014
Oil & Gas Infrastructure Security in Africa Link  more ] Administration 12/31/2014
Methodology for Smart Meter Collector Siting Link  more ] Administration 12/31/2014
Breakline Collection from Aerial LiDAR Data Link  more ] Administration 12/31/2014
Adventures in Portal for ArcGIS - Boyle Link  more ] Administration 12/31/2014
Using GIS Data for Wind Resource Assessment Link  more ] Administration 12/31/2014
APIs - Anderson Link  more ] Administration 12/31/2014
Industry & Academia Presentation - Wasco & Mueller Link  more ] Administration 12/31/2014
Cloud Solutions to Host Sensitive Spatial Data Link  more ] Administration 12/31/2014
GIS Application for Electrical Transmission System Link  more ] Administration 8/18/2015
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