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Photo Strip Borders

Anacortes Refinery, Tesoro Corporation, Anacortes, WA:

Author: Walter Siegmund

© 2008

California Aqueduct

Author: lkluft

© 2007

Deer Island Waste Water Treatment Plant, Boston, MA:

Author: Doc Searls

Uploaded by PDTillman

© 2010

Electrical poles, Durham, NC

Author: Ildar Sagdejev

© 2008

Gas Pipelines, Belfast Docks, Belfast, NI, UK

Author: Ross


© 2008,

Georgia GIS

Author: Semir Sarajlic

Source: USGS

© 2010

Hoover Dam Pipeline:

Author: Andreas 06


New Brunswick Topomap

Author: Sémhur

© 2011


Author: Jarle Vines

© 2007

Powerlines in Southern California:

Author: Angelo DeSantis

Uploaded by AVIA BavARia

© 2012

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