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2015 EnerGIS Online PPTs

The EnerGIS conference is an energy-focused Geographic Information systems conference that brings together GIS professionals and spatial data managers from diverse market vertical to discuss innovation and technological advancement.

EnerGIS operates under the auspices of the GITA Mid-Atlantic Chapter. GITA is the educational sponsor of all EnerGIS events and functions.

The third EnerGIS conference, held May 18-19, 2015 featured a variety of presentations on GIS-related endeavors and subjects of interest primarily to the energy sector.


2015 EnerGIS PPTs

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EnerGIS 2015 is an energy-focused Geographic Information Systems conference that brings together GIS professionals and spatial data managers from diverse market verticals to discuss innovation and technological advancement.
Item Name Posted By Date Posted
Data from Drones and Other UAV Link  more ] Administration 8/15/2016
Enterprise GIS and Big Data Link  more ] Administration 8/15/2016
Geoevent Server for Fresh Water Storage Mgmt. Link  more ] Administration 8/15/2016
Geospatial Study - Archaeological Sites Isle Royal Link  more ] Administration 8/15/2016
GIS Gathering Systems Mgmt. within Marcellus Shale Link  more ] Administration 8/15/2016
GIS for the Non‐GIS User – Deploying a Web Map Link  more ] Administration 8/15/2016
GIS to Develop a Water Strategy for an E&P Company Link  more ] Administration 8/15/2016
Keynote Day 1: PA Spatial Data Access (PASDA) Link  more ] Administration 8/15/2016
Keynote Day 2: 3D Visualization for Pittsburgh Link  more ] Administration 8/15/2016
LiDAR Datasets ‐ Pipeline Study Challenges Link  more ] Administration 8/15/2016
Mobile GIS for Streetlight Audits and Conversions Link  more ] Administration 8/15/2016
New Technology for Managing HCA's Link  more ] Administration 8/15/2016
NiSource’s Precision GPS Tech Program Link  more ] Administration 8/15/2016
Predicting Surface Coal Mining in Appalachia Link  more ] Administration 8/15/2016
Python in Support of Right‐of‐Way Negotiations Link  more ] Administration 8/15/2016
Terrain Analysis for Optional Pad Site Placement  Link  more ] Administration 8/15/2016
Web Apps for a Personalized Data Experience Link  more ] Administration 8/15/2016
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